Automate your accounting — from invoices to owner statements

Before VRPlatform – monthly accounting was a labor-intensive process that drained your energy and resources, caused stress, strained relationships with property owners, and stunted business growth.

With VRPlatform – monthly accounting is a seamless process that fuels decision-making, stays up to date, improves trust and customer loyalty, provides clarity, and supports business expansion.


“Getting our financials down to the penny using spreadsheets was next to impossible.”

“The integration is absolutely time saving.”


See short-term rental financials clearly

The VRPlatform dashboard empowers you to make data-driven decisions, automate your accounting processes, and focus on growing your business. Invite your team, and quickly see the status of your short-term rental bookings, payments, and more.

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Time savings: VRPlatform automates the bulk of the vacation rental accounting workload, reducing the time and cost of manual data entry, reconciliations, and more.

Enhanced accuracy: By posting data directly from the source, VRPlatform captures rich details from each transaction, so you can track revenues down to the penny.

Streamlined owner statements: VRPlatform takes the legwork out of preparing owner statements and improves owner satisfaction with numbers that always hit the mark.

Revenue reporting: Understand what's driving your bottom line. VRPlatform helps you keep track of revenues by channel, owner, property, and line item.

Scalability: VRPlatform's robust API is designed to grow with your business, so you don't have to worry about hitting any ceilings or bottlenecks as you add new listings.

Integrations: Connecting your property management software is quick and easy with VRPlatform's plug-and-play integrations. No coding experience required.


Automate everything from creating invoices to sending owner statements

VRPlatform syncs data from your property management apps and accounting software to manage vacation rental cash flows - no spreadsheets required

Create invoices. Sync guest invoices, payments and deposits without lifting a finger

Merge payments with reservations. Capture line-item details on reservations and merchant transactions

Create custom automations. Built-in accounting logic gives you control over how revenues flow across the business

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Owner Statements

Automatically created statements for every owner you work with

Generate detailed owner statements at month-end and provide your clients access to a user-friendly owner portal

Automatically created for every owner. Spend less time making reports, and free up time for everything else

Invite owners to their own portal. Owners will be able to view their listings, statements, and more with a simple click

Custom rules per owner. Change the layout of columns, rows, headings, groups, and more to match your owners' expectations


Ready to scale your short-term rental business?
(Don't go without these essentials.)

VRPlatform was built by industry accounting professionals to help short–term rental management companies scale their finance function and gain peace of mind.

Track performance. VRPlatform enables short-term rental management companies to gain a clear picture of current cash flows and spot trends quickly.

Trust and management accounting made easy. Cut the manual accounting workload in half and gain freedom to scale your business with efficient automation.

Centralize financials. Eliminate messy spreadsheets by integrating with property management software that you love and bringing all your data into one place.

Share owner statements. Automatically sync data from your accounting system into VRPlatform for owner statements that practically publish themselves.

Speed up payment-matching. Integrate with merchant processors like Stripe and Airbnb to record batch payments and simplify reconciliations.

See reservations in a new light. Keep your finger on the pulse of operations and watch your bookings convert into cash.


Accounting firm or service provider? Grow your business with VRPlatform.

As the developers of VRPlatform, we are committed to helping as many clients as possible simplify their accounting and achieve better financial results. One way that we do this is through strategic partnerships with accounting firms and service providers. We offer a white-label solution, comprehensive support, and the opportunity to grow together.

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